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About Orpaz Hadar

Orpaz Hadar is a recognized packaging and distribution company for citrus fruits with Global Gap certification and unparalleled quality. Orpaz Hadar, in partnership with Tzarfati Iboudim, has become a leading brand in the citrus industry, producing high end citrus at the highest quality. The unique way of growing the produce in reflected in the citrus itself. Each field is covered in a custom net cover that ensures that the produce remains unharmed year round and therefore has no blemishes or faults.


In 2012 Orpaz Hadar brought the Maf Ronda packaging machinery that takes close to 100 photographs of each fruit in order to ensure that each item leaving the Orpaz Hadar factory meets the high standards that Orpaz guarantees.


Today Orpaz Hadar citrus can be found in leading markets around the world including Holland, Germany, France, Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Japan, South Korea and more. 


Our Company

Orpaz Hadar was founded in 2012 by Guy Tzarfati of the Tarfati Iboudim family. Guy Tzarfati is the heir to a long line of citrus growers in Israel and is a graduate of the Hebrew University School of Agriculture. Today Orpaz Hadar has dozens of employees and provides packagaing services to hundreds of citrus groves located in the center and north of Israel.


Orpaz Hadar specializes in citrus fruits and has a wide range of citrus that is well known locally and internationally. Orpaz Hadar is the proud grower, packager and distributer of the following fruits: 


  • Or

  • Ora

  • Odem

  • Mandur (Topaz)

  • Novo (Suntina)

  • Minneola


  • Rio Red

  • Sunrise

  • Sweetie

  • White Marsh


  • Chandler



  • Kumquat

Mission statement

Orpaz Hadar was founded under the belief that taste and quality should never be compromised. Much of the damage done to citrus fruits happens during the packaging and distribution period. That is why Orpaz Hadar has the most advanced packaging and sorting equipment and utilizes high end technology to ensure each fruit is unblemished and ripe to perfection. 

Environment & Sustainability

The dedicated team at Orpaz Hadar works hard year round in order to ensure that the Orpaz Hadar growing, packaging and distribution system does not impact the environment and promotes eco-sustainability. 

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