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Orpaz Hadar specializes in the packaging and distribution of a large variety of citrus fruits. The Orpaz Hadar fruits come from the Tzarfati Iboudim fields located throughout the center and north of Israel, and Orpaz Hadar guarantees that only the best fruit is selected and packaged for distribution. Each fruit undergoes extensive protective measures and screeneings to ensure it arrives to the sellers unblemished and at optimal eating conditions. Hadar Orpaz specializes in early peelers, grapefruits, pomelos and kumquats. 


Orpaz Hadar is proud to be the grower and distributer of the easy peeler citrus fruits. Easy peelers are, as their name implies, easy to peel! The easy peeler family of citrus fruits includes a wide variety of citrus species, all of which Orpaz Hadar specializes in packaging and distributing. Easy Peeler fruits are rich in vitamin C and are a vital part of a healthy and balanced nutrition. The Orpaz Hadar Easy Peelers are covered by protective netting and undergo extensive screening to ensure that they are protected and unblemished. 

Types of Easy Peelers Orpaz Hadar distributes:


  • Orri - These delicious seedless Temple and Dancy hybrids are available from January to April and are the leading type of Easy Peelers due to the rich taste and sweetness. The Orri easy peelers are juicy, sweet and have low acidity and are in the highest demand of all Israeli easy peeler citruses 

  • Ora Clementines - The Ora clementines are available from January to March and are very similar to the Ora oranges. Ora contains seeds.

  • Odem Oranges - The Odeam Oranges are called so for their deep red peel. Odem Oranges are available from January to February.

  • Mandur (Topaz) - The Topaz oranges are a late season mandarin that is a hybrid between an orange and tangerine. The juicy and bright mandarin is rich in flavor and is available from February to March.

  • Novo (Suntina) - Suntina's are available for a short period of time (December to January). The Suntina citrus is a clementine hybrid created from the Clementine and Orlando and is medium to large in size and rich in sugar and flavor. 

  • Minneola - This seedless easy peeler is a hybrid between Dancy manadarin and a grapefruit and is available in December. Minneola's are deep orange in color and have a unique bell shap and deep color.


The Orpaz Hadar Grapefruits are well known for their delicious taste and prevalance of Vitamin C. The Grapefruits are grown in the north of Israel and there are four main types of grapefruit that Orpaz Specializes in


  • Rio Red - One of the richest and most well known grapefruits, Rio Red grapefruits are sweet and have very few seeds, making them a favorite among consumers. Rio Reds are available from September to October

  • Sunrise - Sunrise grapefruits are rish and sweet in flavor and have a strong red pulp that is packed in nutrients. The Sunrise grapefruits are available from October to June. 

  • Sweetie - Available October to March, the Sweetie grapefruit is a hybrid between a grapefruit and pomelo and has the high juice concentrate of the grapefruit and sweetness of the pomelo. Swetties are green on the outside and high in sugar and flavor on the inside.

  • White March - The California native grapefruit is a delicious seedless citrus crop has a long term of availability ranging from October to May


The Orpaz Hadar Red Pomelo is a delicious citrus rich in flavor, vitamic C and sugar. The Chandler pomelo is one of the most popular types of pomelos and was cultivated by mixing the Siamese Sweet and Pink pomelos. The fruit is globe shaped with a yellow rind and pink colored flesh that yeilds a medium to red pulp. The Chandler pomelo is available from October to February. 


The delicious and tangy Kumquat is sweet and tangy and is one of the citruses packaged in distributed by Orpaz Hadar. The Kumquat is available from October to February and is rich in essential oils, anti-oxidants and fiber. The unique peel of the Kumquat can be eaten alongside the flesh and balances the overal flavor of the fruit. 

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